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Each athlete is differently gifted, and our job is to help your child develop the skills he or she needs to be a more formidable player. If it’s something your child really wants to learn, he or she can accomplish more than you may imagine possible. We know, because we see it happen all the time.


By building on strengths and eliminating the flaws in their game. The Academy coaching style brings out the best in players who have the passion and drive to succeed. But it requires commitment and hard work on behalf of your child.

By emphasizing individual excellence. Our athletes work hard to achieve their personal best. They develop inner strength, responsibility and determination as they learn that the most important competition is within themselves.

By pushing through exhaustion. Your student-athlete will develop the physical and mental toughness needed to compete at the highest levels. We’ve learned that if you challenge kids, they will rise to the challenge.

By getting out of their comfort zone. Equally skilled players are matched up to push each other to become even better. By training side by side with some of the region’s elite athletes, players see first-hand what it takes to reach the next skill level.

By understanding that preparation is the key. Everything your child does in practice is to prepare them to handle game situations with confidence and skill.

By developing players in a positive, upbeat environment. Training is a safe place where making mistakes is not only okay, it’s encouraged. Mistakes are how we learn to be better.